March 22, 2017

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Betsy DeVos Flunks Math

March 3, 2017 0

Washington, DC (TDP) – Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today released a sample of the new standardized testing in mathematics for […]


  • Assistant Accounts Payable Manager Nathan Early found himself in a predicament this week when it was discovered that he had oversold numbers for the annual Super Bowl Pool.  Early, already on probation for the mishandling [...]
  • With the nation bitterly divided along political, social and economic lines, a polarized populace yearns for a unifying theme.  A ray of hope on a bleak, wall-bordered landscape.  A haven for conservatives and liberals, black and white, rich [...]
  • President Donald Trump has extended an invitation to his ex-wives and mistresses to attend a state dinner at the White House to commemorate Valentine’s Day.  The dinner, to be emceed by former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, will [...]
  • In his first press conference as President-Elect, and first in almost six months, Donald Trump acknowledged that the Russian government was involved in the hacking of the Democratic Party during the 2016 campaign.  “As far [...]
  • — President Trump Mic’d Up For The Night — “I think this place is restricted Wang, so don’t tell ’em you’re Jewish! OK, fine.” “Oh, this is the worst lookin’ hat I ever saw… Huh [...]
  • A rift has developed within a local family as Trevor, a 12-year-old golden retriever, has refused to sign the living will requested by his owners, the Robertson’s.  The will, intended to provide instructions regarding end-of-life [...]
  • Washington DC (TDP)  President Donald Trump today addressed concerns over potential conflict-of-interest issues concerning his ownership of global business ventures while fulfilling his duties as President. Trump’s attorney, Sherri Dillon, announced his plans to fully divest [...]
  • Pennsylvania Groundhog Announces Transgender Status